Peter just finished recording a new original song called "A Day's Passed By" to be used as the new theme song for a YouTube channel called "8Passengers". 

A  new film called "Operation Toussaint" came out in July 2018 that tells the story of former Homeland Security Agent Tim Ballard's decision to start Operation Underground Railroad which combats human trafficking around the world. It is a remarkable film. Peter's song "Lullaby" is the closing song of the film and is used in a very powerful way to wrap up the story. We encourage you all to see the film. See the trailer.

Last August, Peter and band did an hour-long radio appearance for a BYU Radio show called Highway 89. We think it's one of the best-sounding broadcast performances we've done, and so we thought you might like to hear it here. 

What has Peter been up to lately? In these podcast interviews, Peter discusses his musical journey, what he's doing these days, and future aspirations.

The Paul Duane Show (Nov. 2016)

Latter-Day Lives (Nov. 2017)

This Week (Nov. 2017)

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