Tickets to Peter's Christmas concerts 2018 are currently on sale  There will be three shows over two days (Dec. 21 & 22) at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City.  These shows always sell out and have been called one of the best Utah Christmas traditions. Ever. Period. Absolutely.  ;) 

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Sandy Concert Re-cap

On Sept. 8, Peter and band returned to the Sandy Amphitheater for their 13th performance there since it's opening in 2000. It was a beautiful night.  David Tolk was there, the day after he released his 14th studio album (which was trending at #1  Amazon for New Age Music). We also had performances by Nancy Hanson as well as some original Big Paraders. The crowd danced, sang along, and called for three encore songs, including a totally solo "What About" at the very end. Enjoy this photo (courtesy of Dani Childers), videos (James Gessel/Robin Saville), and the set list from that night below.

SET LIST: Pictures, Long Way To Run, When August Comes, People Moving Slowly, Songs About The Great Divide, Dancing Queen (with Nancy Hanson), Rocket Man (with Nancy Hanson), A Time For Peace (David Tolk), Queen Ole, India's A Love Song, Everything Will Be Alright, Turn The Other Way, A Day's Gone By, For Becca In England, You Wear Flowers, Heartland, Jens Peter Larsen, Tilting The Windmills, Old Paint, Jerusalem, Birken Street (encore), Landslide (with Nancy Hanson)(encore), What About (encore)


Peter and his family spent the Winter/Spring of 2018 in Ecuador. Here are some videos of their travels (including new songs Peter recorded while in South America). You can find more videos on the TRAVEL page of this site.


To celebrate the launch of this new website, we're giving away some BONUS TRACK downloads. These are songs that were recorded during the sessions of Peter's original albums but were left off for various reasons. They're B-sides. You can download them for free for a limited time by going to the music page and looking through the track lists for songs labeled "Bonus Track".  


Peter just finished recording a new original song called "A Day's Passed By" to be used as the new theme song for a YouTube channel called "8Passengers". 

A  new film called "Operation Toussaint" came out in July 2018 that tells the story of former Homeland Security Agent Tim Ballard's decision to start Operation Underground Railroad which combats human trafficking around the world. It is a remarkable film. Peter's song "Lullaby" is the closing song of the film and is used in a very powerful way to wrap up the story. We encourage you all to see the film. See the trailer.

Last August, Peter and band did an hour-long radio appearance for a BYU Radio show called Highway 89. We think it's one of the best-sounding broadcast performances we've done, and so we thought you might like to hear it here. 

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